Posted by: Standing Solus Christus | July 4, 2006

Infinite God

Today is Independence Day in which we remember the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.  Our nation declared its independence from the British Kingdom, which provoked the Revolutionary War.  This is the birthday of our nation as it ultimately triumphed over the most powerful military force in the world at that time.  As a result, we have had the opportunity to live in a free nation that grants to us all the privileges that we enjoy everyday.  Privileges like freedom of speech and freedom of religion, which allow the gospel of Jesus Christ to be spoken without threat of persecution.  Let us not ignore these privileges or neglect to proclaim the message of true freedom, freedom from the slavery of sin.

We continue our overview of Article 1 of the Belgic Confession by considering the fact that our God is Infinite.  This attribute is intimately related to other attributes, such as knowledge, power and presence.  However, it is also understood in light of God’s attribute of simplicity as is indicated by Francis Turretin in the following: 

The orthodox attribute absolute infinity to God with respect to essence.  In the first place, Scripture clearly teaches it:  “Great is the Lord, and greatly to praised, and of his greatness there is no end” (Ps 145:3).  Here the psalmist speaks not of the greatness of mass (which can in no way apply to the most simple God), but greatness, or better the infinity, of essence and virtue.  3.8.5 

As we discussed in our 6/23/06 post, God cannot be confused with the creation itself.  Thus, He remains simple in this sense which must be taken into consideration when shaping our understanding of Him being infinite.  The implications of God’s infinity are that we can never calculate or reach the end of Him.  Thus, there is no end to growing in the knowledge of Him.  Although, we can study God for the rest of our lives we will never arrive at the completion of this study.  We’ll never run out of things to learn or consider about God.   

Something we will consider in our next entry is God’s power and sovereignty.  As noted above, these attributes are intimately related to God’s attribute of infinity.  Turretin comments on this relationship in the following:    

This is further confirmed by the consideration of his power.  Since power (as the other attributes) may be identified with the essence, the essence must be the same with it in nature and therefore infinite no less than it.  That his power is infinite is evident from this – that with God nothing is impossible (for this cannot be said of finite and limited power).  3.8.7 

The Divine attributes define who God is, as Turretin indicates above.  Thus, we embark in the study of God’s attributes to learn more about Him.  Just as we are defined by our attributes, color of eyes, hair, height, and weight, we can come know what God is like through the study of His attributes. 

God’s infinity also has implications in our salvation and affirming the deity of Christ, as we considered on 4/28/06 the gulf between us and God was infinite.  Thus, it required a Savior who was also infinite.  In his defense of Christ’s deity, Turretin concludes that our Mediator also had to be infinite to accomplish our redemption:    

A mediator ought to be…a Priest to satisfy the infinite divine justice by the infinite merit of his death and obedience and to purchase eternal redemption for us.  All these could not be done by a mere man, but demanded one possessed of infinite essence and power…3.28.30

God being infinite possesses infinite justice that had to be satisfied.  Since we were guilty of violating our infinite Creator, we were subject to His infinite just wrath.  Only by the “infinite merit” of our infinite Savior were we able to be saved from this dilemma.  Praise be to Christ who bridged the infinite gulf between us and our Creator.  Amen  


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