Posted by: Standing Solus Christus | December 29, 2006

What A Year?

I can’t believe that 2006 is almost over.  This has definitely been a great year, however not absent of probelms and struggles.  These probelms and struggles have been pivotal and will induce change for the future.  Although, the struggle is not over, its impact has been reduced by a renewed sense of Christ and His Gospel.  This good news of Jesus Christ is the greatest story ever told, which we need to be reminded of constantly. Otherwise, we forget or emphasize other less important things.  Knowing this, that the wrath stored up for my sins has been satisified and I can stand before God with a righteousness that is not my own, is wonderful.

Being that the amount of available time to post on my blog is almost non-existent, I am going to be switching gears a bit.  Rather than continue the series through the Belgic Confession (which began in June, I believe), I’ll just be entering more simplier posts for the time being.  I already have enough on my plate as it is, so this new strategy will help to alleviate the burden of lengthy posts and still get through the other material I need to cover for school.

Hopefully, this will be okay for my audience (if anybody is out there).  If it isn’t please say so. 


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