Posted by: Standing Solus Christus | December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

Well, 2007 is upon us and Lord willing this will be another year full of blessings.  As we stated a couple of days ago many things were accomplished in 2006.  The following are are few items that were highlights of the year:

– My daughter started kindergarten

– We began watching sunsets at the beach

– I began seminary

– I began leading a Tuesday night biblie study

– I began this blog

– My wife and I began walking together and both lost some weight 

– I finished reading Calvin’s Institutes (after a couple of years)

I am sure there are others, but I cannot think of them right now.

This year I hope will be just as productive and already have some goals I want to acheive.  Here are some of them:

– Prepare my son for kindergarten in the fall

– Read more to my kids

– Expose my family to more Christ centered preaching

– Successfully complete my classes (this year will bring to about 40% of the way)

– Refinance my mortgage and/or buy another house

– Get down to 185 lbs (currently at 190)

– Read through the Bible

– Finish reading Turretin’s Institutes

– Begin reading Berhoff’s Systematic Theology

So now that it is in writing, we can report back next year to see if this goals were accomplished.  Happy New Year!


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