Posted by: Standing Solus Christus | January 17, 2007

Update – 1/17/07

Well, it is January 17 and I am keeping up with the goals laid out for the new year so far.

Reading to the kids is going well.   We are reading a childrens commentary on Genesis on school nights.  On the weekends I’ve been reading some story books written by RC Sproul for children.  All of these books so far have been really good for kids.

Bible reading is still on track.  Almost done with Genesis and half way done with Matthew.

The last study on Colossians was given yesterday.  So, we will only have a few more of these to post.   Currently, I am working on the Gospel of John that will begin in about 9 weeks.  Stay tuned for this in a few months.

Also, stay tuned for a couple projects I have been working on for school.  First, a sermon on Esther 5:9-6:14.  Second, an exegetical paper on Isaiah 24:1-13. 



  1. “Children’s commentary on Genesis”? Sounds intriguing! Amazon link?

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