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This is an article that was given to us in our Pentateuch class Covenant Theology under attack summarizes the problems with a denial of the covenant of works.  I have read Kline for the first time this semester.  I completed Structure of Biblical Authority and am currently working my way through Kingdom Prologue.  

I just got up to the section where Kline defends the Covenant of Works and it was a great exposition against those who confuse the law and gospel.  I thought it was extremely timely in light of my recent post.



  1. Speaking of “problems with a denial of the covenant of works”, check this out: The Covenant of Works is Dead. It died in the garden.

    CoW was destroyed the moment God announced the CoG (Gen 3:15); Jesus did not fulfill CoW for us, because he was never in that covenant; Jesus fulfilled all covenants (Abraham, Moses, David) except for the Adamic CoW, which was left unfulfilled; Adam is not man’s federal head in the CoW; all men are either under Christ’s federal headship in CoG, or in no covenant at all; and yet somehow all men died in Adam.

    It’s pretty amazing stuff.

  2. […] by RubeRad on April 4th, 2007 Wow!  (Hat tip to MSamudio) This article by Kline shows incredible insight into the hows, whys, and wherefores of Frank […]

  3. Wow!! That is amazing.

    On what basis is humanity judged if there is no CoW?

  4. Why is Christ then called the Second Adam???

  5. Yes, I asked those questions too.

    ME: …all who are in Adam remain guilty, under the CoW, of Adam’s (and their own) violations of the CoW.

    FV: I don’t believe in a CoW. Those who are not God’s people are the devil’s people. They are not in covenant with God at all. [If you assert that they are, prove it.] They were at one time, but they were cut off from that covenant. Now, with no covenant of grace to protect them from the wrath of God, they are condemned by their breaking of the Law, not by their unfaithfulness to a covenant of works

    ME: “What do you think it means that Christ is the “second Adam”?

    FV: He is the second representative for mankind. The Covenant of grace was made with Him and all who are in Him. WLC 31.

    But let me point out an inconsistency with the confession here. LC Q 31 says that the Covenant of Grace is made with Christ and the elect. But LC Q 166 says that infants of believers are in the covenant. See the contradiction? FV solves this by saying that God made the Covenant of Grace with Christ and all who are in Him by covenant baptism. But the non-elect in that covenant will break covenant and fall away.

    I somewhere pointed out that WLC166 does not say infants are “in the covenant”, but “in that respect in the covenant”. But I don’t want to reiterate the whole blow-by-blow. You’ll just have to go read it (don’t forget to look for the little “next” links, because the comments spread across multiple pages).

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