Posted by: Standing Solus Christus | April 6, 2007

51 Weeks

This blog is currently 51 weeks old and next week will be 1 year old.  In the past year there have been 123 posts.  The category sidebar identifies the range of topics.  I beat my original goal of having at least 1 post a week by over 2 times. (woo-hoo!)


An interesting thing occurred, a couple of weeks ago when I was coming back to my car after a meeting in Escondido.  I received a religious tract in my car door window regarding the second coming of Christ.  The tract was from West Coast Baptist Church and it was all about the rapture.


If you take the link and read the doctrinal statement of this Church you will find that they believe the King James Version is the only inerrant and inspired version of the Bible.  They state that all other translations are corrupt.  I guess this means the KJV is also superior to the original Greek and Hebrew versions as well.

First I was kind of discouraged that tracts promoting the Christian faith with the pre-tribulation rapture were being distributed.  These people probably thought they were doing something good for the kingdom of God.  Yet, what they were doing was promoting a doctrine that is indefensible from the Scriptures.  Those who received these tracts like I did, and did not know any better, may think that this is the central message of Christianity.  That’s depressing.

It’s depressing, because this is not the central message of the Christian faith and it reveals something about what some people believe is a more effective message than the gospel.  Telling people that if they don’t have Christ they will be “left behind” is not the gospel.  It is more akin to a message that emphasizes fear of punishment and hope of reward.  Unfortunately, this messages is all too common among much of Christianity.  Is this caused by a fear that the gospel really isn’t the power of salvation?    

While writing this post and coming across their website, the fact that they believe the KJV is infallible is also discouraging.  If you continue reading their doctrinal statement you will see that they are also isolationist.  Does the Bible clearly teach separatism?  Maybe if you are an Old Testament saint living under the theocratic system, one must concede the point here of it being clear.  Is this an approriate reading of the Scriptures though?

Although, I know in my head that this shouldn’t discourage me. It does and I long for the day when the Church will no longer be tainted by false teaching induced by sin.  Not being an anabaptist or donatist though, I know this will not be achieved in this age.  Thus, all that can be done now is to fight the good fight and look forward to the age to come.



  1. Not being an anabaptist or donatist though, I know this will not be achieved in this age.

    …or a Postmillenialist?

  2. I think that depends on the type of Postmillenialist. The position of some, that I know of, would not assert that perfection will be achieved in this age. I don’t know if that is monolithic among all them, though.

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