Posted by: Standing Solus Christus | August 12, 2007

Lord’s Day Quote: Leon Morris

A further point is that no true reconciliation can take place less the cause of estrangement is truly faced and dealt with.  If it is ignored or glossed over, then a species of uneasy truce may result, but there can be no real restoration of fellowship, no true reconciliation.  As Dr. H Maldwyn Hughes says: ‘there can be no reconciliation between persons by ignoring the deep-seated ground of offence.  This must be eradicated and destroyed if the reconciliation is to be complete and lasting.  If God and man are to be reconciled, it cannot be by the simple expedient of ignoring sin, but only by overcoming it.’  It is the consistent teaching of Scripture that man could not overcome the cause of the enmity.  The barrier which the sin of man had erected the wit of man could not find means to remove.  But in the death of Him whom God ‘made sin’ for man the cause of the enmity was squarely faced and removed.  Therefore a complete reconciliation results, so that man turns to God in repentence and trust, and God looks on man with favour and not in wrath.

Leon Morris, The Apostoloic Preaching of the Cross


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