Posted by: Standing Solus Christus | September 9, 2007

Lord’s Day Quote: Michael Horton

Because he fulfilled the covenant of works, we inherit salvation through a covenant of grace.  It is in this context that we talk about the “covenant renewal ceremony”.  Whenever we gather for public worship, it is because we have been summoned.  That is what “church” means: ekklesia, “called out”.  It is not a voluntary society of those whose chief concern is to share, to build community, to enjoy fellowship, to have moral instruction for their children, and so forth.  Rather, it is a society of those who have been chosen, redeemed, called, justified, and are being sanctified until one day they will finally be glorified in heaven.  We gather each Lord’s Day not merely out of habit, social custom, or felt needs but because God has chosen this weekly festival as a fortaste of the everlasting Sabbath day that will be enjoyed fully at the marriage supper of the Lamb.  God has called us out of the world and into his marvelous light:  That is why we gather.  But we also gather to receive God’s gifts.  And this is where the emphasis falls or should fall.  Throughout Scripture, the service is seen chiefly as God’s action.  This is where God walks along through the severed halves – not of animals this time but through the true temple’s torn curtain – Jesus’ body – on Good Friday.  On the cross, God’s glory is hidden under the form of its opposite: shame and derelication, the true faithful Israel being abandoned to exile, the judge becoming the judged in our place.  The one who brought us up out of the land of Egypt and made us his people takes the initiative in salvation and throughout the Christian life.  The shadows of Christ in the Mosaic covenant, most obviously the detailed legislation for the sacrifices, are fulfilled in the advent of the Messiah.  Therefore, we do not worship in an earthly sanctuary but in the heavenly sanctuary where we are seated with Christ in places; hence Jesus’ statement to the Samaritan women in John 4…

Michael Horton, A Better Way Rediscovering the Drama of Christ- Centered Worship 



  1. msamudio –

    I wanted you to know that I responded to your question on my blog. I look forward to more conversation with you and appreciate your question.

    I like your site!

  2. Joe,

    Thanks for the compliments. Hopefully, it is evident that the Gospel is something that is taken seriously on this site. Hence, the motivation for the question on yours.

    If you get around to it check out the links under the “links” section. Most of these will be extremely pertinent to the discussion I hope we will have on your site.


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