Posted by: Standing Solus Christus | September 23, 2007

Lord’s Day Quote: Francis Turretin

Answering the question, whether Adam had the promise of eternal and heavenly life so that he would have been carried to heaven.  We affirm.

…The reasons are (1) The law of works had the promise of heavenly and eternal life; therefore also the law prescribed to Adam.  In each instance, it is the same law as to substance.  The former is evident from “who doeth these things, shall live by them” (Lev 18:5); “if thou wilt enter into life” (namely, the heavenly) “keep the commandments” (Mt 19:16. 17); and “the commandment was ordained to life” (Rom 7:10) assuredly, not earthly, but heavenly.  Since however, after the fall, the law can justify no one, this promise must necessarily have had place in upright Adam. 

Second, it is confirmed by this – Christ acquired the eternal and celestial life which he bestows upon us in no other way than that (being made under the law) he fulfilled the righteousness of the law for us (Rom 8:4; Gal 4:5).  This could not have been done unless the law had promised heavenly life to the obedient.  For as he rendered to God the Father no other obedience than what the law demanded, so by fulfilling the law, he acquired no other life than what was promised by the law.  Besides, since Christ died that through him we might recover what we lost in Adam and merited for us eternal life, it is necessary that it should have been lost for us in Adam and that Adam would have attained it, if he had persevered in obedience.  Nor would Christ be called the tree of life, if he had not restored that life to us whose promise this tree sealed to our first parents.


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