Posted by: Standing Solus Christus | November 4, 2007

Lord’s Day Quote: Michael Horton

The new covenant announced by the prophets long ago included both justification and rebirth, imputed righteousness, forgiveness of sins and a new heart that thirsts for God and his glory.  Yet, as we saw in Jeremiah 31, the second side of the coin (the new heart) is the result of the first (justification and forgiveness of sins).  As Paul warns, we do not receive justification and forgiveness by grace alone, through faith alone, because of Christ along, then go on to sanctification as a matter of personal achievement (Gal. 3:1-4).  In the new covenant, all of the blessings have Christ and his obedience as the only ground qualifying us as heirs.  Not some of the blessings, but all of them are comprehended “in Christ.”  This spells the end of both legalism and antinomianism: none of the blessings are the result of our own achievement, and at the same time, those who inherit the blessing of justification are equally beneficiaries of regeneration and sanctification.  While our status before God (justification) is distinguished from our inward renewal (rebirth and sanctification, our status cannot be separated from our inward renewal even for a moment.  Thus, because of God’s sworn oath by himself, the justified sinner will also be one who perseveres against doubt, temptation, the world, the flesh and the devil, one day inheriting by that same royal grant rest from all warfare. 

 Michael Horton, God of Promise Introducing Covenant Theology



  1. msamudio:

    Yesterday, a Wiccan who was deceptive regarding her background and intentions paid the “How To Be Saved” thread a visit for the express purpose of confusing and discouraging any unbeliever that might happen upon it. While we might have our doctrinal disagreements, I am 100% certain that you agree that we are all Christians and such a thing would be harmful to the goals of the Body of Christ. As a result, I decided that such a thread was not an appropriate forum for “How To Be Saved”, as the doctrinal discussions, while constructive to us, are not helpful to unbelievers.

    If you desire to continue the discussion, there are a multitude of other threads, including other ones on the dashboard, where you are welcome to do so. “How To Be Saved” is the only thread that will be subjected to a censorship policy. Thank you.

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