Posted by: Standing Solus Christus | February 17, 2008

Lord’s Day Quote: Francis Turretin

The greatness of the corruption brought upon the human race by sin we have already shown.  We have seen the source of evil in original sin and the muddy streams thence flowing into actual sins.  Now more properly the miserable state of man and the most degrading servitude of free will under sin must be considered.  I confess it is a sad spectacle, but still most useful and highly necessary, in order that we may fully know the greatness of our misery and the more certainly understand and the more earnestly seek the necessity of medicinal grace….

And not to mention here the most futile errors of heathen philosophers who (ignorant of the corruption of nature) contended that man could be the builder and architect of his own fortune and by making men free made them sacrilegious.  Who is ignorant of the gigantic attempts of the Pelagians and semi-Pelagians on this subject!  They deny either wholly the impurity of nature or extenuate it most astonishingly to extol the strength of free will…

Nor do the Jesuits, the Socinians and Remonstrants of our day labor for anything else than on this subject (as also in various others) to bring back (either openly or secretly and by burrowing) Pelagianism and semi-Pelagianism and to place the idol of free will in the citadel.  This is the Helen whom they so ardently love and for whom they do not hesitate to fight as for their altars and firesides.  It is of great importance, therefore, that the disciples of true and genuine grace should oppose themselves strenuously to these deadly errors and so build up the misery of man and the necessity of grace that the entire cause of destruction should be ascribed to man and the whole glory of salvation to God alone. 

Francis Turretin, Institutes of Elenctic Theology -Volume I – X.I.I


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