Posted by: Standing Solus Christus | May 11, 2008

Lord’s Day Quote: Francis Turretin

God’s commands are not the measure of strength, but a rule of duty.  They do not teach what we are now able, but what we are bound to do; what we could formerly do and from how great a height of righteousness we have been precipitated by Adam’s fall.  Nor is it always true that precepts which cannot be fulfilled are unjust.  The intemperate man who has rendered himself callous by habit and cannot restrain himself from lust or drunkenness (habit being turned into nature) is still bound by the laws of sobriety and temperance.  So from the debtor (who has lost by gambling a large sum of money borrowed on interest) not in vain nor unjustly is the debt demanded nor has the creditor lost his right by the crime of the debtor. Since, then, man by his own fault has contracted an inability to obey God, not in vain nor unjustly does God demand from his the obedience which he owes.  It is not just that sin should be an advantage to man and he be irresponsible because he has corrupted himself by his own crime.

Francis Turretin, Institutes of Elenctic Theology – Tenth Topic QIV.XXIII


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