Posted by: Standing Solus Christus | June 5, 2008

John 6:35-47: Conclusion and Summary



It has been the goal of this work to examine this passage within the fourth Gospel to set it within its literary, historical and theological contexts to facilitate an understanding of its meaning and implications as God’s authoritative word.  It has also been the thesis of this work that a proper understanding of this text is deficient without affirming the pactum salutus, which converges in the response of Jesus to the crowd.


In reviewing the pericope’s grammatical significance, linguistic significance and literary context within the canon of Scripture, it supports the affirmation of the pactum salutus.  After considering the pericope’s historical context it is apparent that confusion about the nature of God’s covenant existed during that period.  In the discourse, Jesus appears to be making an effort to correct this confusion by articulating the role that the covenant God plays in redemption.  Thus, it is reasonable to conclude that support is found for the affirmation of the pactum salutus.  Then in analyzing the theological implications it was demonstrated how the pactum salutus becomes an integral part to providing an appropriate context for several other important doctrines.


As a result of this work, the opinion of this author has been fortified in concluding that the Covenant of Redemption is a biblical doctrine.  It is also an essential part to a proper understanding of this pericope and other important biblical doctrines.  The denial of this covenant’s biblical support would be well served by endeavoring to exegete our Lord’s words in this text as recorded by the beloved apostle.  For if this task is performed, it is incumbent upon the exegete to concede, that this precreation, intratrinitarian, covenant pact, is essential not only for a proper understanding of the Scripture, but to ascertain the depths and richness of our very redemption.      

Soli Deo Gloria




To reference this work in its entirety along with a PDF version, which includes the Bibliography and Greek reading notes follow this link:  John 6:35-47 – Exegetical Paper


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