About updates to this site

The name of this site has been changed from “Stand and Be Counted” to “Standing Solus Christus” (S2C).  Why after two years and almost 200 posts change the name?  Well there are a few different reasons.  First, Solus Christus is a Latin term for Christ alone, which more accurately reflects the content that we are trying to publish here.  This has become evident especially for the author in several entries of the Gospel of John series.  The following are a few samples of this:






Another reason is a recent exchange that has occurred with another blogger who is actually denying that salvation is by Christ alone.  In responding to that exchange it has become evident how crucial this profession (Christ alone saves) is to our Christian faith.  Finally, in performing a few google searches on the phrase “Stand and Be Counted” it revealed that this term is very political.  Not that politics are bad in and of themselves, however it is not what we are about here on this site. 

One other update on the site, we are currently in the process of launching a new series to supplement the Gospel of John and Lord’s Day Quotes.  The subject will be Church history and the content will be taken from lectures given by Dr. Robert Godfrey.  History is one of my favorite subjects, second only to theology, and will hopefully be worthwhile content for the world of blogs. 

Standing Solus Christus

Romans 5:1-11



  1. Good work with the updating and redirecting of the site.

    Anything additional to Christ in salvation is no longer salvation but Babel.

  2. Thanks Ed, it is funny you mention Babel. I was just writing about that subject for my next post in John covering verses 1:49-51.

    I thought you were on a Hiatus and see that you posted some recent stuff?

  3. See, I don’t even have an attention span long enough to maintain a hiatus.

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