Why Christians are converting to Mormonism?

This work was written when I was an undergrad.  The term orthodox is intended to refer to non-heretical Christians.  My favorite chapter is number 3 for what it is worth:


why-orthodox-christians-are-converting-to-mormonism-chapter 1


why-orthodox-christians-are-converting-to-mormonism-chapter 2


why-orthodox-christians-are-converting-to-mormonism-chapter 3


why-orthodoxy-christians-are-converting-to-mormonism-chapter 4    



  1. May I recommend a treasure trove of info examining/exposing LDS?

    You can check it out here:


    Never Compromise!

    – The Pilgrim
    of http://www.DefendingContending.com

  2. Pilgrim,

    You can provide the recommendation. The real question is will I be able to read it?

    Answer: not until I get out of the woods.

    Are you an ex-mormon?


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