John 6:35-47

In this work (completed in May 2008) I argue that the Pactum Salutus or Covenant of Redemption is a biblical doctrine affirmed by this text.  It should be noted that the original purpose for the study through John, which is the primary concentration of this site right now, was to prepare for this work.  I believe it was extremely helpful, although, I was nowhere near chapter 6 when I needed to start this work (for the record I was still in chapter 2).  I have made the effort to break it into sections for the reader, which are included as follows:

Text, Introduction and Purpose

Literary Analysis Part 2

Literary Analysis Part I


Historical Analysis

Theological Analysis

Summary and Conclusion






  1. […] John 6:35-47 […]

  2. […] John 6:35-47 […]

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