Posted by: Standing Solus Christus | August 7, 2006

A Prayer to God

Father, you have ordained all things that have come to pass and outside of your glorious plan nothing occurs.  You know the beginning from the end, you planned it according to your purpose and your purposes are good and right.  You have sent your Son to redeem your people according to your promise and for this promise of redemption you deserve our praise, our worship, and our thanks.  We trust in your Providential care, which assures us that not even one of the hairs on our heads can fall to the ground apart from your will.  When the events around appear to be arbitrary, threatening, or uncertain the knowledge of your sovereignty is a refuge and for this you deserve our praise, our worship and our thanks.

Jesus, Son of God, our Savior and our matchless King it is by you who chose to condescend from the glory that was yours from the beginning that we have been rescued from our sin and misery.  During your incarnation you accomplished the redemption of all your people through your life, death and resurrection.  And for this most excellent work you deserve our praise, our worship and our thanks.  Indeed, we will exalt and worship you for all eternity proclaiming your worth forever and ever.  You have ascended to the right hand of the Father, rule from on high and continually intercede for us.  We trust in you for our salvation, which was purchased with your precious blood the only acceptable way that satisfaction could be made for the judgment we deserve.  For this free gift that is made ours by faith you deserve our praise, our worship and our thanks.

Holy Spirit, you have made us alive and regenerated us unto faith and salvation.  It is only by your quickening that we have placed our trust in Jesus and for this you deserve our praise, our worship and our thanks.  You are our Comforter and illumine us to the truth of the Scriptures that you inspired your servants to write.  You sanctify us and enable us to grow in our faith empowering your Church to be a light to the world and a refuge for the needy.  For these gifts and transforming attributes you deserve our praise, our worship and our thanks.

Creator God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit you are most worthy to be praised.  You are all powerful, all knowing, immutable, eternal, immortal and perfect in your being. You deserve all blessing, glory, honor, worship, and adoration.   Let all creation exalt your holiness, your justice and your righteousness throughout the ages.

We pray for your people from every nation in every situation whether peace or war, abundance or poverty, acceptance or persecution.  We lift up of those in nations such as North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Iran and ask that you would strengthen them and allow them to persevere through difficulties.  We pray that your kingdom would be advanced in these nations, and that oppressive governments would not be allowed to succeed in stopping your Church.  Grant them your Spirit, equip them with your Word and provide them with teachers that will faithfully proclaim your truth to your glory and honor. 

Be with all your Church and help us to carry out the ministry of the gospel to a lost world that is in rebellion against your rule.  Call your people out from the world, from our nation and from our neighborhoods through the proclamation of your gospel and the quickening of your Spirit.  Let the good news of Christ Jesus be a sweet sound to their ears as well as ours.  Grant us the desire to be committed to share the gospel with others, to read and be edified by your Word and worship you in Spirit and in truth.  To the holy three-in-one our maker, redeemer, and refuge please hear our prayer in the name of our blessed Savior. Amen.



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